How to make them newsworthy

Recently, this class had a video story project, which entailed students to each make a 2 minute video about anything of their choosing. However, the point of the project was to make the video on something newsworthy that told a story. This post is a review of the video stories of my classmates.

Dylan Peritz: I liked Dylan’s video because of the room he left himself for more story. He interviewed people at Stone, which was awesome because you got a good look at their perspective of the business. However I think there was one moment where some the lettering was off on a title, which can be solved just by a quick editing fix, but that was one of the only bad moments. I think he set himself up well for future stories of businesses downtown.

Greg Fingar: Greg’s video was about the Meth problem in Cortland, specifically a recent arrest associated with it. I think it was very newsworthy, there was lots of compelling information, and a great interview with a woman in the same house as the arrest. Overall very newsworthy and very interesting.

Tyler Arnold-Brown: One of the most professional videos I saw, Tyler’s topic on student loans hit really close to home. It’s something myself and a lot of my fellow piers experience, and it’s nothing to brush aside. Tyler’s video brought to light some of the struggles students face, and even got an interview with a local student. Very newsworthy and very important for others to see.

Taylor Beaury: Taylor’s video was very thought provoking and important. The issue of bathroom laws is not one that affects most of us, and is something we as a society easily brush over sometimes. I think Taylor’s video was very good, professional looking, and very much a topic that should be brought forward, very well done.

Elena Grande: Elena’s video on Yards for Yeardley was very well produced. Her shot sequence was very good and flowed together well. Her topic as well is very newsworthy and a good topic to let people know about. I also enjoyed her use of videos and photos in her story.

Angela Palumbo: I liked Angela’s video on dorm life because it had a very good politics of location aspect. Lots of students live in the dorms, and to get the perspective of the students about them was interesting. Maybe a little more light during some of the interviews, but other than that everything was well put together.

Vanessa Lachiana: Vanessa’s interview with the RA was cool and interesting to see. Seeing why an RA loves what they do and how it affected them was really compelling. I think she could have used more B-roll and not just interview the whole time. However, her interview was one of the best I saw in the class.

Vinny Romeo: This video was the most creative in my mind. Vinny showed what it was like to live off campus, going through pros and cons, as well as his daily routine. I thought his use of the jump cut and color changes was neat, and like I said very creative. I don’t think it was too newsworthy, but it was definitely informative.

Rose Torzynski: Rose’s video on Greek life was also very well put together. Her use of still images and video was very engaging. She used lots of interviews and got lots of perspectives on it. This video definitely tolda story she cares about, and it showed in her work.

Josh Wilson: This story had the best story line out of all the videos I saw. His narration was very professional and kept me engaged the entire time. He brought up a lot of good points, especially about the parking. Very newsworthy in my mind and a good story.

Stephanie Gentile: Stephanie’s story on student conduct looked like it took a long time to make. There was a lot of b-roll footage and a great interview over the whole story. It looked like she took a lot of time to film this story, you can see the work she put in. Overall a compelling topic that is definitely a conversation starter.

All of my classmates put a lot of work into these vidoes. All of them are interesting and have implications associated with them. I hope enjoy them!




Introduction: The Break Side

Hi all, my name is Ben Phillips and I’m a senior, Communications major at SUNY Cortland in upstate New York and welcome to The Break Side.

This is the first blog I have ever done and picking a topic has been an issue. Along with my interest in film and video production, I have a love for Ultimate Frisbee. I’ve been playing for Cortland Team Rocket for the last four years and now captain out 30 man roster. So, this blog will be dedicated to everything Ultimate.

My first couple posts will hopefully give readers who are new a general background of the sport; how it works, rules, logistics, so on and so on. Later on I hope to give tips to people looking to get better, as well as give previews and reviews of teams and tournaments at the college, professional, and club level in the men’s and women’s divisions.

I’ll give in-depth analysis of each region, teams to watch at upcoming tournaments, and how the playoff picture looks come that time of year. Followers can get the latest insight to places to play in their area, as well as how to connect with people in the sport, and get themselves immersed in the culture that is Ultimate. I hope you all enjoy!

A Good Blog: The Makings

There are obviously many things that go into making a good blog, one thing can not just be picked out of the pack from the rest. A good blog has to be eye catching, enticing, interesting, and cause it’s readers to think beyond the words on the page.

Ben’s Bitter Blog

This blog does a good job of using current media to express his story. By using “GIF’s” as a regular form source material, he can gain common readers; a “fan base” so to speak. The blog itself is eye catching with lots of options on the front page. Also there is a weekly blog post on Friday. This gives readers something to expect every week, keeping readers engaged.

Zo Around The World

Some blogs are good at catching an audience simply by the topic. Travel blogs are very popular, because many people like to travel. This blog does a great job of using SEO to catch people who may or may not even read blogs, because the topics of the post are commonly asked questions; “6 Best Hotels in India”, “8 Lessons Learned from Life Long Travel”, ect. Many people look for advice when traveling, blogs like this that offer tips and advice get lots of followers because of that.

Recipe in a Bottle

Food is another topic that will never get old and that people will always want to know more about. This blog does everything a good blog should do, it is enticing and gives reders something to think about after reading. Instructions on how to make food, tips for certain types of foods, and where to get the best foods all make this blog a popular visit.

As said before, there is no “One thing” that make a blog better than all the rest, there are many factors.

  1. Relevancy: The topic has to be something that people are going to want to read, not many people want to read about why you have fungus under your toes…that’s just not practical.
  2. Interesting: Not only does it have to be intersting for your readers, but YOU have to be into it as well. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then why are you doing it at all?
  3. Eye catching: Make your site and your post look cool! Make a title or a header look like something that readers want to open up. If it doesn’t look good people won’t read it, simple as that.
  4. SEO: Topics that you are writing about have to be able to be found. The title has to be something someone can type in the search bar and find.
  5. Have fun!: Obviously blog posts are supposed to be a good time. You obviously want to write about something. Be passionate, be expressive, and be you! It’s your blog let you real self be seen by the viewers.

Let this be a good place for beginners to start. All it takes a little motivation and the drive to do it. So, go do it!